Poultry Department

From the average poultry owner to the poultry backyard enthusiast, we carry everything you need from the just hatched to the egg laying chickens. Our selection of chick, chickens, seasonal ducks, and seasonal turkeys will delight everyone. We stock a full line of poultry feeds and supplements including natural, complete, soy-free, corn free, non-GMO, and organic options. Choose from our extensive line of supplies including coops, feeders, water systems, incubators, heat lamps, egg accessories, chicken wormers, health care products, supplements, treats, and bedding.

We carry an ever changing range of chicks and chickens including standards, giants, exotics, bantams, and more. There are over 120 different breeds of backyard chickens and we get a new selection of different varieties of chicks in each month. Check in with us to see what we currently have in stock.

For those who interested in getting started, we offer a coop starter kit with everything a beginner needs. Our chicken coop starter kits come in different sizes depending of the number of chicks you are interested in. We can help find a solution to all backyards and all budgets.

As chickens move from barnyard to the backyard, we have been helping chicken owners since 1966. Our knowledgable staff can answer any questions you may have about your chickens. Check out our chicken FAQ’s for more information, as well as our wonderful book selection in the store.

If you are looking for something specific that we do not have in stock, we are happy to special order anything to meet your needs.

  • Chicken FAQ’s

    How many chicks should I buy?

    The answer is in how many eggs do you want to eat? Once the hens reach egg laying age, they will produce one egg a day, on average, each. Production will vary in winter and summer, when laying slows down due to extreme heat, stress, or less hours of light.

    How are the chicks sexed?

    The chicks are sexed at the hatchery at one day old. They are inspected by humans and humans can make mistakes. Therefore we are unable to guarantee the sex of your bird. They are very accurate, however sex is not guaranteed.

    How long do they need to stay inside?

    Baby chick need heat. A heat lamp is sufficient for 6-8 weeks on average. This can be indoors or in a safe, confined area outside.

    What do I feed my chickens?

    Baby chicks get Chick Starter Mash for 8 weeks. Then they go to Quick Grow until they lay an egg. Once they start laying eggs they go to a laying formula.

    Can I feed my chickens scratch?

    Scratch is a treat, not food supplement. It is to fed in small amounts in addition to their normal diet. Do not feed chickens scratch until they are at least 4-6 months of age.

    Do I need a rooster for eggs?

    No, your hens will still lay eggs without a rooster. These eggs will be unfertilized and will not hatch.